Dating Advice For Women From Men – What Your Friends Won’t Tell You

Want some real dating advice for women? Your friends are great. They know you, they know your dating history, they know the kind of men you go for. Who better is there to get advice for relationships? But let me ask you this: Has the approach you’ve taken got you the results you want? The mistake that I encounter the most when coaching women is the absolute belief they have in the wisdom of their friends. Yet with most of our friends there are two things you should know about their relationships:

  1. They just fell into them by sheer fluke
  2. Their relationship isn’t as good as it looks

As a Result, These Friends Often Give us Terrible Advice.

I became passionate about starting a company that offers dating advice for women from men to fight this problem.

How to Get a Date in the Next Week

Let’s talk results. How can you get a date within a week? Women will tell you never to approach men and they are right in principle but low on imagination. What you are going to do for the next week is take every opportunity to talk to the opposite sex. Every time you are interested in someone you see you are going to say this; “Hi, you don’t know where there’s a coffee shop around here that isn’t Starbucks?”

Before he answers say “You don’t work for Starbucks do you?”

When he says no (which I’m guessing ArabianDate will happen most of the time) say “You just gave me a face that made me think you were offended.”

Dating Advice For Women From Men – What Your Friends Won’t Tell You

Further Steps – How to Get his Phone Number – Dating Advice For Women

The truth is most men don’t have the confidence or skill to turn the opportunity in to a request for your phone number. But – The longer you keep conversation flowing the greater the chance he will feel comfortable enough to ask for a date.

Try and make the exchange increasingly more personal. Ask him if this is the area he lives in, comment on his accent, see if this leads to where he comes from. When you feel you have a good rapport with him say that you don’t really know any good places around the area, and comment that you really need a tour guide.

To be frank, if he isn’t able to take this opportunity then he is not of high enough value for you, you need a man who is sociable.

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Our Approach – Creating Your Own Luck – Dating Advice For Women

The thing about dating advice given from men is we know what is attractive and what isn’t. It is difficult for women to lead interactions; women don’t like it and neither do men. But you can work around this by structuring the interaction to present clear opportunities for the man to pick up on. He will still think he pulled you because in truth, he did. We believe in women being an active participant in choosing their partner.

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