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So many scammers on Anastasiadate

The website is not free and there are so many scammers on this website. There is not any existing form of validation on the identity of the website members.

vierkaart0g - October 15, 2019
Stay away from Asiacharm!!

This site is a total scam to get your money. Don’t do it!! they block all your request and messages to people and when you finally meet someone they all of a sudden are no longer a asiacharm user and …. More

jezerskimmk - October 13, 2019
Arabiandate is a scam!

Arabiandate is a scam! You need to subscribe. Majority of the girls are hook up models. They are real ppl but not where they say there from and will ask for money. If they give u a chat line to go to …. More

dweepsterdz - October 12, 2019
Rubbish site

Rubbish site, none of the women reply (just seems to be an ego boost for them)…and the messages that do come through are from fake/ closed accounts

titubearc6 - October 11, 2019

They get you in with being able to start conversations then block you till you pay a start up fee and a month of service. they don’t ask any personal questions, not even what you are looking for! I AM…. More

formatenyx - October 10, 2019
Not Bad

Lets just say, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Lots of smooth talking, slick foreign men praying on females who are truly sympathetic to most peoples concerns.

langebner7y - October 8, 2019
Can someone please help me.

I met a guy on this Singles dating site who came across as a nice person until he came to dinner one night and Stole my pills and then just kept asking for money. I gave him a total of $400.00. I felt…. More

barephettebub9h - October 8, 2019
Worst site ever

The guys on the site are majority ugly. They don’t give you any way to contact them without having to pay money. Then they blocked me without explanation. they are the worst site ever and you will was…. More

tumaninuetg - October 7, 2019
A rippoff!

A rippoff! Everything that anyone has read so far has happened to me.”scientific matching” with trolls or obvious scammers that don’t even have a basic command of the language. And every one wants me …. More

jamvng1r - October 5, 2019
99% of men there are REAL ugly and dumb

99% of men there are REAL ugly and dumb, i only wonder how they all got concentrated on this partic site? it should be called not but “ugliest losers of the universe”, women who doesnt seek …. More

teeohhus - October 4, 2019
Very Expensive

It says free sign up everywhere but once you try to use it you find out you have to pay to even say hi

lizdxu - October 2, 2019
Worst Site

Asiandate not only controls and limits your emails, they also have many planted accounts there to attract you but to never respond to your emails. I’ve used DateHookUp and Plenty of Fish with no probl…. More

jeremyhenson0a - October 1, 2019