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Amount of money I wasted!

Amount of money I wasted!

toqueroia - November 2, 2019
worst dating site

worst dating site. The account gets deleted for no reason. Fake users forcing to buy premium account

hanousekk7 - November 2, 2019
CharmDate is not the best website

I feel like that is not the best website because most of the guys are looking for ass and drink a ton and smoke weed not an attractive quality at all not looking for a gangster

lubnapu - November 2, 2019
Eharmony is Worst Website

While acclaimed as one of the better sites, Eharmony shares the same algorithms as the worst of them. Visits, messages and matches are articles are “planted” I cannot tell you how many women I’ve sent…. More

anooniemusr5 - November 2, 2019
Crappy site!

Crappy site! They make it difficult to deactivate account. The only way to delete my account was by saying I met someone on Match.. also there is no way to contact anyone unless you pay.. What Crap!

cretearnerbxg - November 2, 2019
EliteSingles website is a trash

I would never waste my time, energy and money on again! This dating website is a trash ! Don’t waste your money and energy at all !!!! I won’t renew mine and I would never be on that …. More

makrameeu0 - November 2, 2019
There are so many dead profiles

There are so many dead profiles, the reason for this is that they make it so hard to deactivate your profile. So you end up writing hundreds of letters and there is no response.

bloguedegeekhf - November 2, 2019

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I built a profile and keep receiving messages to change my password, every time I do, it sends me to someone elses profile. I can actually enter their private info and change thei…. More

silberg74 - November 2, 2019
ArabianDate burn a hole in your pocket!!

Absolute rubbish! It tricks you into paying a subscription saying you have a message when really all you got was an emoji. You then send this so called interested person a proper message and they neve…. More

freerscliewzh - November 2, 2019

Gimmicky. The site is set up too much like a game and not a serious relationship building service. No search by user name option. Profile requirements are too minimal. Much of the time there is not en…. More

besnard9t - November 2, 2019
It is not worth paying for

It is not worth paying for. They coerce you signing up and paying by using a fake account which gives you a match request, and it become obvious you have been fooled as soon as you do. Interaction wit…. More

lummarnarqp - November 2, 2019
It's a very shady dating site

It’s a very shady dating site and app. I do not recommend finding anyone on that site. They only care about site traffic and getting you to pay money.

andrey0505n - November 2, 2019