Men Attract Women About Feminity

“The more opposites diverge, the more they converge to fight, and from this struggle arises the “most beautiful harmony.” Heraclitus of Ephesus. It’s no secret that opposites attract. Men attract women with their masculinity, integrity, strength of character, and women fascinate men with their fragility, kindness, tenderness, and more generally speaking, with their femininity. This is a natural opposition and attraction of differences. Men don’t wear dresses, but they love it when their women wear beautiful dresses. Men tend to have short hair and don’t wear high heels. However, they look at well-groomed women with beautiful, long hair. Men are practical, women are graceful. It is the grace, tenderness and emphasized femininity of a Slavic woman that most foreigners expect and hope to meet.

Femininity is a gift of nature to every woman. But does every woman use this priceless gift of nature to please a man? Many ladies do not realize how natural femininity is attractive to men. It is not only the direct opposite of strength and masculinity, but also gives rise in a man to the desire to protect and care – the desire to prove himself in the role of a real man, a male protector, a male breadwinner.

Men Attract Women About Feminity

Beauty External and Internal – Men Attract Women

Femininity is a combination of the external and internal world of a woman. This means that it can be expressed both in the external image and in the character of a woman, in her behavior, in her manner of behaving and talking. Femininity is an image. Here are just some of the features that are characteristic of this image: calmness, a pleasant and warm smile, a little dreaminess, sincerity, smooth movements, a calm and pleasant voice, fragility.

Not only natural data: facial features, height, figure, but also the manner of dressing, chosen and created with the help of clothes, RussianBrides makeup and hairstyles, emphasize femininity. This image, however, is complete only if the representative of the weaker sex has an inner femininity. After all, as in many aspects of a relationship, balance is important. In this case, the harmony of external data and the inner world of a woman. Any image that is most attractive to a man can be easily destroyed by a couple of rude, inappropriate words, bad manners, or superficial views and judgments.

Femininity of character, inner femininity is softness, tact, kindness and warmth. An important role is played by the fullness of the inner world of a woman: her interests, the depth of judgments and views, the desire to learn something new, to develop.

What Behavior can Destroy Femininity?

The following “mistakes” in behavior are the “enemies” of femininity:


Emphasized arrogance.

Bad manners.

Negative attitude towards life.


The opinion of foreign gentlemen about Slavic women – Men attract women

Most foreigners who want to meet a woman from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus through an international dating site have their own ideas about what kind of Slavic woman she is. For many men from around the world, women from Eastern Europe are the ideal of femininity . The main distinguishing feature of the Slavs, according to foreign gentlemen, is the emphasized femininity, sincerity, family, sincerity, openness, disinterestedness, warmth of their attitude towards a man. Thus, under the femininity of Eastern European women, they understand not only their external data – hair length, figure or facial features, but above all their character, their inner charm of femininity.. They believe that Slav women are sincere, loving and devoted wives, for whom inner values ​​and harmony in the family are more important than material wealth.

The Specifics of Online Dating – Men Attract women

We have repeatedly noted the following specifics of dating on the Internet: the first step for dating (the decision to send a message) is based on visual contact, on whether the man is interested in the woman in the photo in the profile. Professional photos can create an image of a feminine, graceful, well-groomed woman. However, communication should “confirm” and “fix” this image in the eyes of a foreign groom. This is the task of letters, calls, video calls. It is also important to remain sweet and feminine when communicating with a foreigner. The tone of letters for a foreign gentleman is a calm narrative, without rudeness, coldness, arrogance, open suspicion or distrust.

One of the main mistakes is in the form in which communication with a foreigner often takes place. At the beginning of dating, many women prioritize and openly talk about their goals. This is right and important! However, pay attention to how the requirements for acquaintance, requirements for a gentleman can be voiced. “I would like to meet a man to create a family.

 I will be glad to receive your letter.” – sounds more tactful and delicate than the statement: “write to me only if you want a serious relationship”. Such a statement of the question, and even in the first message, already implies suspicion, distrust and the presence of vague intentions in a man.

Think About How You will React if you Receive such a Message?

Do you want to give an answer to a letter in which you are suspected of something from the first lines, albeit not openly? Not every man, after five minutes of dating, wants to feel like a suspect during interrogation. A woman must establish and voice her demands on men, however, in the form of calm argumentation, calm narration. Defining your priorities, your goals, does not mean being rude or giving an ultimatum. Pressure, an ultimatum, an insult to the dignity of another person – all this deprives of femininity, no matter how gentle and sophisticated the image is created by photographs.


this, in addition to the above, is also the ability to show one’s weakness and fragility. Without becoming a victim in the eyes of a man. One of the “enemies” of femininity we called “a negative attitude towards life.” A man, as a rule, wants to feel strong next to a fragile woman. It means feeling wise, feeling like a protector. However, not every man wants to be close to a female victim.

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A woman who only complains and concentrates her attention on problems, talks only about her troubles. As we have noted more than once. The desire to solve the problems of a woman will appear in a man with. The development of relations, but not immediately after the first letters full of complaints.

In the end, every man wants to be happy with the woman he loves. But what can a woman bring into his life. Who gives the impression of a depress lady and talks only about her misfortunes? Everything is very simple, in the mind of a man. She will bring into his life not joyful and carefree laughter. Not memorable moments of happiness, but discontent, negative emotions and complaints.

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