They may have dethroned the classifieds Misconceptions to Forget and relegated matchmaking friends to the rank of has-beens, they may have met with incredible success across the globe, online dating still suffers from many prejudices. Top 5 misconceptions about dating 2.0.

This is not serious…Misconceptions to Forget

For many people, the world of the Internet is perceived as a hostile jungle, the harbinger of love thugs in search of ribald jokes and ephemeral pleasures, where one-night stands and other SharekAlomre one-night stands prevail. Suspected of attracting only women with loose morals and married men hungry for forbidden flesh, dating sites still have, for some, a dubious reputation, inherited from the Minitel Rose of the 80s.

And yet…

In an increasingly individualistic society where people have less and less time for themselves, where we meet without ever seeing each other, dating sites are on the contrary, for many, a tool we don’t can be more serious to counter this lack of time and exponentially increase their chances of finding love. At a time when you do your shopping, book your train ticket and consult your bank account on the Web, why not also look for love there?
It’s for the shy and social cases

In addition to the infidels, the Internet has the reputation of attracting the sickly shy, the desperate for love or even worse, the sexual perverts. “If he’s on a dating site, there’s bound to be something wrong with him…”: here’s a phrase that, despite changing mentalities, hasn’t completely disappeared from people’s minds.

amolatinareview.onlineAnd yet…

more and more people from different cultures, backgrounds and social statuses are finding love on the net. The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that today, everyone knows at least one person who has tried the experiment, and for whom it may even have worked. Which, of course, does not exclude looking for it elsewhere and having a perfectly balanced social life.

It’s dangerous…Misconceptions to Forget

For many, meeting a man (or a woman for that matter) on the Internet is unconscious, because you never really know who you are dealing with, because lies are often involved and in the end, everyone can say what they want, you have no way of verifying it.

And yet…

isn’t this also valid in real life? Besides the physical, a man or a woman can always be dishonest to better seduce you. On the Web as in life, you never really know who the other is until you have learned to know them better, before having entered their life, their intimacy. So yes, it’s better to be careful, but that’s certainly not a reason to deprive yourself of an effective way to find love.

It’s shame…Misconceptions to Forget

Despite the democratization of this mode of meeting in modern times, love on the net is still, for some, associated with a sub-mode of meeting, the one to which those who no longer SharekAlomre.Com have hope fall back, “fault better”, as a last resort… And despite the success encountered by dating sites, some are still reluctant to take the step, judging that “it’s good, but it’s not for them”. Still others do it on the sly, not daring to admit how they met such and such a person.

And yet… Misconceptions to Forget

More and more couples who have met on the Net show their love without complex, not hesitating to testify on TV or in the newspapers, proud to be part of these couples who have found a soul mate. at the end of the keyboard. Far from being taboo, love on the net has even become trendy. One thing is certain: there is no shame in having found love on the Internet. Isn’t the important thing, basically, to find it, regardless of the means employed?

It will never work – Misconceptions to Forget

Some are convinced that a romance born on the Web is necessarily doomed to failure. That it can last a night, a month, maybe two, but in the end it won’t work. Why ? Probably because of all these prejudices that stick to the skin of the virtual meeting, dressing it up with the worst names under the sole pretext that it begins in the shadow of the Web.


And yet… Misconceptions to Forget

dating on the Net is only a way to optimize and increase the chances of finding a soul mate, a vector and a catalyst for meeting, neither more nor less. It is then up to the protagonists to make the difficult mission of making it work… or not. Dating sites are never more than meeting triggers, it is in real life that the soap opera continues and must continue. Many forget to mention it, but after the first exchanges, the meeting joins the traditional circuit of seduction.

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