Have you ever wondered how to balance work and life when dating? It can be an incredible challenge. Especially today when our working hours are longer than ever and we are under a lot of pressure.

Many of us go to work to be able to pay the bills, but for many of us it is about much more than that. Our work or business is something that we are passionate about and to which we dedicate ourselves. It is a way to learn, grow and fulfil our ambitions. It helps us feel fulfilled and as if we have a purpose.

Not to mention that we spend most of our time at work. So it is easy for it to become absorbent. And rapid advances in technology mean many of us are now taking our work home with us. But the reality is that there is much more to life than work. So how do you begin to find a healthy balance in all areas of your life, particularly when it comes to dating?

Reserve time for work and time for appointments

You know how you block an important meeting or deadline at work on your calendar? Start blocking time when you are out of order. That means not checking emails, answering phone calls, or even thinking about work.

As someone who runs his own business, I understand how difficult it is to do! But believe me when I tell you that you need some downtime. And if you don’t schedule it, it often won’t happen. Because it’s so tempting to keep working 20 more minutes or answering one more email.

So schedule some downtime or schedule some dates on this schedule. Create the space you need to be able to attend to other areas of your life. This is how you balance work and life when dating someone. flirtwith.com

Stop saying “I’m busy”

In a way, we’ve ended up as a society that uses the word “busy” like a badge of honour. We see a packed schedule and a ridiculous work schedule as a sign of success. We love nothing more than telling people how busy we are at work. Because if someone tells you that he is not busy, subconsciously you think that he cannot be doing anything of value.

But why do we do this? We are human beings and we have a limit to our productivity every day. There’s only one valuable job you’ll be able to do before your brain has had enough and needs to shut down for a while.

So think about the times when you’re “working” but not actually doing anything useful. It is better to drop everything and take a break instead of trying to get ahead.


Think of all the ways you spend your time each week. Clean your house, drive to work, cook or go to the gym.

Can you invest in outsourcing some of these tasks? Maybe you could get a meal kit for a couple of dinners a week. Or you can hire a cleaner to clean your house once a week. Maybe he could hire a personal trainer, and he could meet you at your house for a workout before work in the mornings. Perhaps you could get the train running instead of driving and get some work done while it’s on the way?

Think about where you can create space in your day, which will create more time for appointments.

Make the most of dates for lunch and coffee.

Here’s how to balance work and life when dating: Don’t just go out at night. Make the most of dates for lunch and coffee.

These are less formal and fit comfortably into a workday. Also, most of us have more energy right now, rather than toward the end of the day. Then you can go straight home or to the gym after work, when you feel too tired to socialise. flirtwith

Do not forget to spend time with your friends and family as well.

Balancing work and life isn’t just about making room for dates. You should also make room for your existing friends and family. We all need time like this to relax and unwind with the people we love.

Also, going out with your friends will remind you how great your life is and help you appreciate it more. Although you may want a romantic relationship, you will find that you don’t need it to be happy, because you already are!


Make your love life a priority

When something is important to you, you will create time for it. You just have to look at your history to see that. So if dating is important to you, then you need to start acting like it is important to you.

Take some time to meet people in real life and online, and spark real conversations. Take some time to meet with the people you are interested in learning more about.

The reason so many people who thrive at work struggle to thrive in their relationships is because they don’t give them the same attention. So make your life outside of work a priority and see what happens!

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