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The symptoms of falling in love are often the first things we find in a new relationship. If the person we meet becomes something more for us, and we are not sure about her feelings yet – we start to wonder what the symptoms of falling in love are and whether our other half shows them. TripTogether Sometimes we do not have enough courage to ask the other party directly about their feelings, we are afraid of their reaction, rejection, or we simply do not want to push or exert pressure.

The symptoms of falling in love sent by a partner are therefore an important factor that can embolden (or discourage) us, and define the type of relationship that connects us. If we notice them – they can truly give us wings and give us confidence and courage to take a step further. The moment when we feel “butterflies in the stomach” and the same emotions we notice in the other half may herald the beginning of true love and a successful relationship.

Falling in Love – symptoms

The symptoms of falling in love are not always clear cut. Each person has a different temperament, a different character and shows feelings differently. However, is it possible to recognize what the signs of falling in love are? It is possible! Some symptoms are very similar in both women and men, and many of them are also shown unconsciously, without thinking – especially when the heart drowns out the mind. Here are 10 clues that may prove that love is what you have in common.

Physical Signs

You can try to hide the symptoms of falling in love, but there are also some that simply cannot be. It is said that a man in love walks with his head in the clouds, his thoughts are elsewhere and becomes very distracted. And there is a lot of truth in it! A tangled tongue, flushing, sweaty, trembling hands, or even an inability to utter a word – these are symptoms that should give you food for thought. Also, look at the pupils of a loved one when he looks at you – if we are staring at someone for whom we have warm feelings, our pupils dilate.

Symptoms of Falling in Love – Caring For The Other Person

The symptoms of love go hand in hand with caring for a loved one. If someone cares about you, be prepared to ask questions about the breakfast you have eaten, whether you have a hat or a warm sweater, if it is cold outside, if you don’t need anything, and how it went at a meeting with a client or during a difficult exam. A person in love worries, cares and cares about the object of their sighs, which is even often associated with the care shown by the mother towards her child. So that’s a very good sign!

Constant Contact

Phones, sending messages, and keeping in touch throughout the day are also common signs of falling in love. When there is chemistry between two people, they usually want to be together non-stop (especially at the beginning of the relationship when butterflies predominate), even online. TripTogether A nice message for good morning or good night is good proof that the other person thinks warmly about you – from early morning until evening.

Symptoms of Falling in Love - 10 Signs It's Love

Inclusion in Joint Plans

If you are wondering what the signs of falling in love are, pay attention to how the person you are dating talks about their plans for the future. Someone who takes you seriously and has higher hopes for you will likely include you in their plans and use “we” instead of the word “I”. Also, changing plans or adjusting them to the other person should be a signal that something is up. A man who is not in love and has no serious intentions does not think about his partner in such a way, he also often tries to avoid future topics (especially common ones).

Taking Care of Yourself as a Symptom of Falling in Love

Of course, not the same as before, but even more careful. A person in love wants to please their partner. She tries to look her best and always show her best side. The symptoms of falling in love may therefore be visible in this case at first glance.

Symptoms of Falling in Love – Longing

Symptoms of love can also be bothersome – someone who is in love counts down every minute to a meeting with a loved one, and every moment without her is extremely burdensome. The desire to spend time together frequently, even during ordinary, everyday activities, is a good proof that someone cares about us.

Willingness to Present to Loved Ones

Signs of falling in love, which are also an important step in a relationship, are getting to know your loved ones – family and friends. So if your boyfriend or girlfriend willingly introduces you to friends or offers you dinner at their parents’ place – you can be sure that you are someone important. The vast majority of people decide to introduce their other half to the family only when they are confident in their feelings and count on a lasting, serious relationship.

Minor Gestures

Are you not sure if these are symptoms of falling in love, because the person you are dating is sparing in words? Look carefully at her gestures. Someone who is in love and is not outspoken can show their affection in a completely different way. Do you mention your faucet broke and it’s repaired the next day? You forget your breakfast to work, so your other half brings you lunch? Are you having the flu and your partner is waiting with a blanket, your favorite movie and hot tea? Or maybe he gives you half of his cookie because he knows how much you like them? Such signals are probably symptoms of falling in love!

Willingness to Know as Best as Possible

Symptoms of falling in love also include asking a lot of questions and listening carefully to the other person. Someone who has serious plans for you and has deeper feelings for you will want to get to know you as best as possible. He will want to know what you like, what you are afraid of, what you dream about, and even what is the name of your school love or childhood hamster. It is natural that when we fall in love with someone, we want to make up for the time when we did not know them – hence the desire to make up for this time and learn as much as possible.

Putting Your Needs Above Yours

A man who fell in love would usually avert heaven to the object of his sighs. Therefore, if the person you are dating seems to forget about himself and tries to do everything to make you happy, as well as often considers your needs more important – these are undoubtedly signs of falling in love. But remember not to take advantage of it under any circumstances – a successful relationship is based on equality and partnership.

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The symptoms of love can therefore be blunt and obvious, but also subtle and difficult to notice. So it’s worth looking carefully so as not to overlook them. Some may not be straightforward about what they feel, and they may not say their love several times a day, but they show it in a different way. You must remember that words are not always the most important thing – so pay close attention to your actions. Often it is they who can say more about a person than words.

Sometimes the symptoms of falling in love do not appear immediately, so it is worth being patient, because it may turn out that the feeling is just developing. However, if you are unsure about the other person’s feelings and signs, or if you feel that they are not being honest, don’t be afraid to ask directly.

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